Utilization On Steroids

• How to aggressively use utilization in your Oracle DBA work •

Utilization On Steroids is a fast-paced, one-hour video seminar for busy Oracle DBAs and developers. No boring slide decks here! This is high quality video training for an amazing online experience.

Craig has taken 20+ years to learn what he knows and now he shares it with you. You will learn in one hour what took Craig years to create. He will reveal his approach to calculating utilization. You will see the tools Craig uses in action. He shows you how to gather the data and gives you his information sources. This nine-module seminar makes you better at Oracle database performance tuning by digging deep into the realm of utilization.

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What You Will Learn

  • Possess an intuitive understanding of utilization
  • See how OS tools gather raw performance data
  • See how Oracle gathers OS statistics and their reliability
  • Have the ability to calculate CPU utilization two different ways from v$osstat
  • Determine your database server's "unit of power” - the core, thread, etc.
  • Understand the issues with virtualized environments and what to do about them
  • Be able to apply utilization concepts to IO subsystems, memory and networks
  • Be able to effectively and authoritatively use utilization in your daily Oracle performance optimization work


  • Introduction To Utilization
  • What Is Utilization
  • Where OS Tools Collect Performance Data
  • Where Oracle Collects OS Performance Data
  • Calculating OS CPU Utilization Using The Core Method
  • Calculating OS CPU Utilization Using The Busy:Idle Method
  • Utilization Challenges And Solutions In A Virtualized Environment
  • Calculating And Using Your DB Server's Unit Of Processing Power
  • Additional Resources And Seminar Close

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