To Queue Or Not To Queue, That Is The Question

• You can try, but you can't escape a queuing theory world as an Oracle DBA •

To Queue Or Not To Queue, That Is The Question will help you tune Oracle systems faster and with a greater depth of understanding. The insights you gain provide both a tactical and strategic performance tuning advantage.

From driving in traffic to being served at a restaurant, every person feels the impact of queuing theory. Queuing theory beautifully relates time and work into experiences we can feel - like utilization, workload intensity, response time, elapsed time, user experience and systems architecture design.

Queuing theory can be... theoretical! But, Oracle ACE Director, Craig Shallahamer, turns this topic upside down making it a fantastic learning experience.

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What You Will Learn

  • How to tune Oracle systems faster by understanding queuing theory
  • How to merge queuing theory into Oracle database performance tuning
  • What truly is response time
  • How response time relates to workload intensity, utilization, and user experience
  • How to explain a performance incident from a practical queuing theory perspective
  • How every person is immersed in a queuing theory world
  • How an Oracle Time-Based Analysis intimately relates to queuing theory
  • Why increasing an Oracle workload can hurt performance
  • How to understand the classic response time curve
  • How the response time curve relates directly to SQL elapsed time
  • What are the key queuing theory parameters
  • Why performance slows when CPUs and IO devices get busy
  • How to get the busyness for your CPU and IO subsystem
  • How to calculate the CPU subsystem utilization from v$osstat
  • Why CPU and IO subsystems are different queuing systems
  • What happens when we tweak queuing theory input parameters
  • How utilization and response time are affected by more or faster CPUs
  • How does adding more IO devices affect SQL statement elapsed time
  • How does queuing theory relate to a SQL statement's elapsed time
  • Why pushing more work through your Oracle system consumes more CPU and potentially more wait time
  • How can I determine the response time for a SQL statement
  • How queuing theory relates to performance tuning
  • How queuing theory parameters relate to my Oracle database activity
  • How applying queuing theory focuses my performance tuning solutions
  • How queuing theory can be used in forecasting and predictive analysis
  • How can I tell if a performance solution is bogus using queuing theory
  • How can I pick better tuning solutions using queuing theory
  • How I can use my AWR or Statspack report from a queuing theory perspective


  • Setting The Stage
  • You Can't Escape A Queuing Theory World
  • The Work And Time Relationship
  • Craig's Hamburger Stand - Definitions
  • Utilization Explored
  • Response Time Explored
  • Going Deeper Part 1 - CPU and IO Subsystems
  • Going Deeper Part 2 - Changing Parameter Values
  • How Queuing Theory Is Used By DBAs
  • Seminar Close

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