Oracle Memory Serialization Control (Latches & Mutexes)

• Keeping the illusion real for your users •

Oracle Memory Serialization Control (Latches & Mutexes) teaches Oracle DBAs the ins and outs about Oracle memory structure control. Oracle effectively creates the illusion of simultaneous memory structure manipulation. It's our job to ensure this illusion remains a mystery to our users. We know we are successful when our users just know it works!

To help you keep this illusion real, in this seminar Craig will lead you into the mysterious world of Oracle memory structure serialization control by exploring latches and mutexes - what they are, how they work, how we monitor their performance, how we tell if there is a significant problem and how we systematically diagnose the situation.

You will soon understand why Craig thinks Oracle serialization control rocks!

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What You Will Learn

  • Why Oracle processes must ensure serial access control to Oracle memory structures
  • What are Oracle latches and mutexes
  • How Oracle latches are different from mutexes
  • The latch and mutex acquisition algorithms
  • How latches and mutexes (L&M) activity relates to Oracle's time model
  • How to monitor for real L&M problems using Oracle's time model and an AWR report
  • Steps to methodically approach diagnosing and coming up with performance solutions
  • The differences between latches and mutexes
  • How Oracle implements mutexes in its library cache
  • How to use advanced latch spin control
  • What options DBAs have to influence mutex behavior


  • Why The Simultaneous Memory Structure Illusion Must Exist And Why It Works So Well
  • Oracle Processes, L&M And Memory Structures, The General L&M Acquisition Algorithm
  • L&M Time Accounting And How This Relates To The Oracle Time Model And The AWR Report
  • Oracle Latch Specifics: Concurrency Limitations, Child Latches, Multiple Latches And How Latches "Back Off."
  • Using Latch Specific Spin Count Control To Your Advantage And Three Ways To Identify The Problem Latch
  • Why Mutexes Are Advantageous To Increase Concurrency
  • Detailing The Oracle Mutex Algorithm
  • Advanced Mutex Control And Observing Oracle Mutex Usage In Detail

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