Oracle Incident Analysis Using ASH Data

• What happened? • I don't know. Everything is OK now. • Can you repeat it? • No. •

You just can't solve some Oracle database performance problems with an AWR or Statspack report or even the underlying data. But with lots of session level "pictures" you have a massive diagnostic edge.

If you want to learn how to use ASH to solve random short-lived performance incidents, you will find this seminar incredibly valuable... your diagnostic edge.

In this seminar, Craig will begin with why ASH (active session history) is so awesome, how it works, the relationship between v$ and dba_hist ASH data, the challenge of incident analysis and how we use ASH to solve very complex Oracle performance incidents. Using OraPub's free BloodHound toolkit, Craig will lead you through the entire analysis process from start to finish... twice. And he will even show you how to create a visualization of the situation using the free statistics package R.

If you have hit the wall trying to solving certain performance problems using an AWR report, then this seminar is for you!

What You Will Learn

  • What separates ASH from other analysis strategies?
  • How to use the uniqueness of ASH in your performance analysis
  • How ASH works from an Oracle internals perspective
  • How to modify ASH's behavior
  • How ASH v$active_session_history relates to dba_hist_active_sess_history
  • Why incident analysis is difficult
  • Why an AWR report can NOT diagnose some performance problems
  • What you need to diagnose a random and possibly short-lived issue
  • How to use ASH data to create a visualization of the incident
  • Watch Craig diagnose two ASH incidents
  • Watch Craig create a visualization of an incident


  • Incident Analysis Using ASH Data - Introduction
  • Why ASH Is So Awesome
  • How Does ASH Work?
  • The Relationship Between AWR And ASH
  • The Challenge And Solution Of Incident Analysis
  • Demo #1 - Diagnosing A Stuck Batch Processing Queue
  • Demo #1 - Creating The Visualization
  • Demo #2 - Diagnosing ORA-00020: numero massimo...

Seminar Videos

Oracle Incident Analysis Using ASH Data