Creative Oracle Redo Maneuvers

• Sometimes speed means breaking the rules •

Creative Oracle Redo Maneuvers teaches you how to push Oracle redo throughput to the absolute limit! There are a number of unusual and powerful maneuvers Oracle DBAs can do to reduce commit times, reduce log file sync and log file parallel write wait times. In a nutshell, you will be able to improve performance when the system is bogged down with redo related issues.

This seminar goes deep. Memory architecture and redo processing is explored through engaging use cases, creative experimentation, statistical analysis and operating system tracing Oracle processes. It's a fascinating journey that every Oracle DBAs should take.

Join Craig as he explores how Oracle's redo processing actually works and how you can use this knowledge to maximize Oracle performance and increase your value as an Oracle DBA.

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What You Will Learn

  • How Oracle redo processing and flow works
  • The key memory structures and how they fit together
  • What is the log file sync wait event and why is it feared
  • How multiple Oracle 12c LGWRs work together
  • How to creatively use Oracle's "commit write" facility
  • Creatively using Oracle's ability to change OS process priorities


  • Memory And Process Redo Related Architectures
  • Things Change... Always
  • Drilling Into Oracle 12c Multiple LGWRs
  • Breaking The Rules With The "Commit Write" Facility
  • Understanding When Commit Write Shines
  • Changing LGWR OS Priority. Yes!

Seminar Videos