Let’s Build Something! Building Your Own ASH Toolkit

• Learn by doing • There is still no better way •

Let's build something... of value! ASH provides Oracle DBAs with an amazing set of performance data. Because ASH analysis is based on sampling, many DBAs shy away from ASH or use it inappropriately. But once you're in-the-know along with a few simple but powerful scripts, your performance tuning potential becomes scary-strong.

In this video seminar, Craig shows you how to build three highly flexible ASH-based scripts: summary, top anything and session time-line. Throughout the seminar Craig explains and demonstrates scripts on a real Oracle workload. Whether you use these scripts or not, you will have a very deep understanding about ASH and how to effectively use it.

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What You Will Learn

  • The difference between ASH and Oracle's time model
  • The advantages and disadvantages of ASH
  • How ASH data is collected and managed by Oracle
  • How to use ASH data in creative ways
  • How to use ASH data to solve difficult problems
  • How to build and profile an instance, SQL, session or module using ASH data
  • How to build and use an ASH "top anything" script
  • How to build and use an ASH "time-line" script
  • How to follow a session using ASH data
  • How to find the top SQL, session or module using ASH data


  • The power of ASH and tool building
  • Why ASH is so awesome
  • What ASH gives the performance focused Oracle DBA
  • Understanding the relationship between AWR and ASH
  • Creating your own ASH toolkit and understanding ASH data
  • Common defines, formatting for the data and the "top anything" script
  • Time-line an Oracle session using the "time-line" script
  • Profile just about anything using the "profile" scripts
  • Your toolkit, the BloodHound toolkit and what to do next

Seminar Videos

Building Your Own ASH Toolkit OraPub