Tuning Oracle Using

Advanced ASH Strategies

"I've recently attended OraPub's live virtual class 'Tuning Oracle Using Advanced ASH Strategies.' I've been able to discover the root cause of performance incidents that I could not understand without Oracle’s Active Session History (ASH). Craig demonstrates tools and techniques with deep explanations I could not have learned without his training. I recommend the tools and training highly."

Steve Gardiner, Senior Oracle Performance Consultant

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Why should I attend this class?

  • To find the top SQL every time

    The "bomb" just went off and users are yelling, "It was like this random thing!" You will learn how to find the key SQL in 30 minutes, or less, in the first session of the class. BAM! You rock!

  • To be an ASH expert

    Be empowered to solve the world's trickiest Oracle performance problems.

  • To shift your mindset

    We rocket you from zero to sample-based analysis expert! You will be able to completely shift your analysis mindset from time-based analysis to statistical sample-based analysis. 

  • To have pinpoint accuracy and confidence

    Learn when an incident began, when it ended, who was involved and what they were doing.

You will be able to:

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