Tuning Oracle Using An AWR Report

Laser-focused quick analysis setup for ANY AWR Report

"I want to thank Craig for teaching this AWR class... Man, I got on a P-1 call yesterday. Users have been complaining about latency for months on this database, and we have just been fumbling our way through it. I quickly brought up my OTBA template, ran an AWR, figured the big pile of time was on CPU, looked at the SQL ordered by CPU Time and found the culprits. I felt so empowered knowing full well we got the bad guy in the first place and took the focus away from the database and back on the app developers. So, thank you!" 

Jide Odulana, Senior Oracle DBA

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Why should I attend this class?

  • You are doing it wrong

    If you are starting from the top and working your way down looking for something unusual, this is the WRONG way to go. We show you the right way to use the report.

  • Find the "true" top SQL

    There is a way to clearly define what the "top" SQL is so you don't have to guess. We show you how.

  • Perform a spot-on analysis

    You will learn how to do a laser-focused quick analysis setup for ANY AWR Report in the very first session. You will be able to do this setup in 30 minutes or less!

  • Get 100% clarity & confidence

    We guarantee it! We don't want you struggling to analyze an AWR Report. We give you the tools to be clear and confident.

You will be taught how to:​

  • Do an AWR Report analysis setup in 30 minutes or less
  • Know when an AWR analysis is or is not the best approach
  • Integrate your operating system analysis into the broader analysis
  • Derive multiple targeted solutions
  • Demonstrate Oracle's time model CPU time & wait time collection strategies
  • Use OraPub's 3-Circle analysis
  • Check that Oracle's time model is reporting as expected
  • Recognize and avoid AWR analysis pitfalls
  • Find the true "top" SQL
  • Perform quick, rapid-fire AWR analysis using precision simplification
  • Reach deeper understanding and communicate better using wait time data analysis
  • Pick and rank the most impactful solutions
  • Explain your analysis process and solutions to anyone
  • Oracle version-proof your analysis

Class Pricing:​

  • $899 USD for Free members
  • $719 USD for Essential and Advantage members (ask for your coupon code)
  • FREE for Prime members (just ask to be registered)

Class Outline:

Session 1. AWR Report analysis setup In 30 minutes or less

Session 2. Finding the true "top" SQL

Session 3. Integrating your operating system analysis

Session 4. Oracle time-model deep dive with CPU focus

Session 5. Oracle time-model deep dive with WAIT focus

Session 6. Rapid fire AWR analysis by precision simplification

Session 7. Breaking the impasse using wait event time data analysis


Class Hours: There are 14 hours of live, interactive webinar training divided into seven 2-hour sessions. To maximize learning and to work with your busy schedule, there will be a 1-3 day gap between sessions.

Class Structure: OraPub believes you learn more when you freely and actively engage during the training. This is why each session is full of live demonstrations and lots of Q&A time. Craig types a lot during class. This "session log" is available after each session. If you miss a session, you are free to attend that session when the class is offered again.

Watching Recorded Sessions: Each session is recorded and used to create a unique web page just for your class. The recordings can be streamed using any device, but not downloaded. You can re-watch the videos as many times as you wish. The videos and your unique class web page will be available for three years!

Class Homework: After each live session, homework will be available for you to download. The homework consists of a series of investigative questions which allow you to personally experience the session concepts, increasing your retention. Any slides presented during the sessions will also be available for you to download.

Class requirements:

You will need...

  • The ability to connect to the online training over the internet, hosted by Zoom. You do not need a microphone. Craig is the only one that speaks, but all students are able to type their questions, answers, and comments... It's very lively! Oracle software is not required during the live training.
  • Time to do the homework. You can expect the homework to take between 30 to 60 minutes.
  • The ability to connect and query AWR or Statspack data from an Oracle system. You can connect to Oracle using the tool of your choice, such as SQL*Plus or SQL Developer. You will also need to access the v$ and DVA views and the ability to generate either an AWR or Statspack report. We do not use OEM. If you can tune Oracle from the command line, you can tune Oracle using any respectable GUI tool. Also, Craig only uses SQL*Plus, so you can type exactly what he types.
  • The ability to download and install R, a free statistics package. R can be quickly downloaded and installed on Windows and OS X. Craig demonstrates this during the second session. Microsoft Excel is not used.


You will get free insight from Craig for one of your AWR/Statspack reports. You do the analysis, email your findings to Craig, and he will give you free feedback!

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