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As an Oracle Applications DBA you know it can be difficult to get complete and correct information about how the database engine works. Even when bits of truth are collected, consolidating the data into a useful performance optimizing solution is complicated.

In this seminar you will learn how to build a performance diagnostic framework that will naturally result in performance improving solutions. Craig presents a number of very specific performance topics such as developing an Oracle Time-Based Analysis diagnostic framework and contrasting an ASH with a Time-Based analysis. Key Oracle internals are presented that matter in large application implementations. Then the framework, Oracle internals, user objectives and performance data are combined into specific and targeted solutions.

This seminar focuses on quickly developing targeted solutions and understanding why they work. To do this, Craig uniquely focuses on both “how Oracle works” and “how to do Oracle performance optimization.” It is this collaborate focus that allows you to immediately apply the seminar material in your daily work.

What You Receive

Learn how selected areas of Oracle work together. You will learn:

  • Deep performance insights
  • Amazing Oracle internals
  • How Oracle really works as a system
  • How to maximize Oracle performance
  • How to quickly understand solution quality
  • How to set up a quantitative time-based analysis
  • Why any performance solution will help or not
  • How to use both an ASH analysis and a Time-Based Analysis together

Totally Unique

  • Affordable
  • Expert instruction by an Oracle ACE Director
  • Oracle DB performance centric
  • Fun and interactive


Craig selects the exact topics for each offering. Here are some possible topics:

  • Developing a Oracle Time-Based Analysis diagnostic framework
  • Advanced ASH analysis
  • Contrasting an ASH with a Time-Based Analysis
  • How to use both ASH and Time-Based Analysis together
  • Exploring the 12c log writers
  • Oracle memory structure serialization control (latch/mutex)
  • Cache buffer chain performance analysis and solution development
  • Resolving Log File Sync issues
  • How to find the Log File Sync SQL
  • Who's got the power: Core, thread, or something else?
  • Are you sure it’s the index root block?
  • Calculating CPU utilization without going to the OS
  • Parsing: Hard, soft and softer... How bad is bad?
  • Cursors, child cursors and more child cursors
  • Altering DML batch sizes for quick commit times
  • Breaking the rules using commit write
  • Merging Time-Based Analysis and queuing theory
  • Using skewed performance data to your advantage
  • Performance statistics reliability... or not (many areas)
  • Is 12c faster than 11g?
  • Resolving free buffer wait contention
  • Detailing Oracle process CPU activity
  • Diagnosing LRU performance, free busy waits, read by other session waits and more...


Required skills: Familiar with basic Oracle architecture and performance tuning.

Seminar Format: This seminar can be delivered in either a one or two day format. The two day format allows more time for Q&A, in-class interaction and discussion, content depth and number of topics presented.

Times: Normal times are 9:00am to 5:00pm with a one-hour lunch break. However, each location can be slightly different.

Equipment: None. While there will be some exercises, a calculator is all that will be necessary.