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Bloodhound Toolkit - BloodHound is a free ASH empowered Oracle database performance analysis toolkit. It references ASH-like data from a variety of sources and formats, reports using either a fixed date/time window or floating window, yet users only need a few reporting scripts.


OSM (OraPub System Monitor)The OSM is a complete set of Oracle database tuning tools based upon Time-Based Analysis and Unit of Work Time-Based Analysis. The OSM is SQLPlus based and non-graphic.


 ASH Visualization ToolNeed help understanding and helping others to understand the complex relationships between Oracle sessions? Or, perhaps you want to spice up your presentations? This free tool pulls point-in-time ASH data, transforms it and places the results into a single html file, taking your skills to a whole new level.


OraPub CPU Speed TestEver wonder how your CPU speeds compare from one system to another in an Oracle environment? This is exactly what this tool empowers you to do. We include the impact of the operating system, the Oracle release and all their related patches.


DB Time Test ToolUse this tool to help understand, analyze and measure DB Time's "gap" time. Gap time is the difference between DB Time and Oracle foreground process CPU consumption plus the non-idle wait time.


Fulltime (CPU & Wait) ToolOracle provides session wait time details, but there is nothing like this for CPU time, just db cpu or background cpu time. Craig designed this tool to help.


Oracle Time Based Analysis SpreadsheetUse this MS Excel-based template to methodically and quantitatively diagnose and troubleshoot Oracle database performance issues.


OP Load GeneratorThe OP Load Generator is a synthetic workload generator. It is very simple and allows you to purposefully stress various aspects of an Oracle server.


You can also download these...


* OraPub Unit Of Work Time Based Analysis (UOWTBA) Web App

* Response Time Interactive Graphics Spreadsheet

* Queuing Theory XLS Add-In

* Animated Response Time Exploration Tool

* Response Time Comparison Chart XLS


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