Oracle DB Buffer Cache Visualization Tool

• Create DBA eye candy of Oracle's buffer cache •

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If you want to visually and interactively explore the key Oracle buffer cache structures: 1) the buffer headers, 2) least recently used lists, 3) cache buffer chains and 4) the write/dirty lists, then you are in for a fantastic surprise. Craig created this visually interactive tool to help DBAs understand Oracle's buffer cache memory architecture, their relationships and also to demonstrate how various performance hindering situations can arise. And, of course how to resolve them!

For details about how to use the tool, please reference the related blog posting by clicking here . The blog posting will introduce you to Oracle's buffer cache, will show you step-by-step how to use the tool, and also to collect and enter data from a production Oracle system.

You can, in a way, create DBA art! Strange I know, but as you start to explore the library cache architecture you will notice how beautiful (wipe that tear away) the memory structures can be. It is really quite amazing.

Search Craig's blog for relevant posts at the link above.

Important: To use this free tool you must download the free CDF Mathematica Player.

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