QxM/M/m Queuing Theory XLS Add-In (xls)

• Queuing functions pre-built & ready to add into your spreadsheet •

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This MS Excel-based Add-In contains nine queuing theory related functions allowing one to perform QxM/M/m queuing theory analysis. These are the same industry standard formulas used in OraPub's QxM/M/m Queuing Theory Spreadsheet. We just separated the functions and made an Excel Add-In. This way you don't need to start with our spreadsheet. You can start with any spreadsheet!

Here is how to add the Add-In:

  • Start Excel, and do Tools, Add-Ins, Select, OraPub_Queuing_functions_addin.xla
  • You should now see the OraPub M/M/m Queuing Theory in the selection box.
  • Click the check box and click OK.

That's it! Now the functions are available to you. To see a list of the functions, click Insert, Function, User Defined, and look for all functions that start with f_.

There are nine functions in all. Here is a list of the core functions:

  • f_TI(service time, arrival rate at each queue). Traffic Intensity at each queue. For modeling CPU subsystems there is only one queue, so the arrival rate at each queue is the total arrival rate. But for modeling IO subsystems, the arrival rate at each queue is the system arrival arrival rate divided by the number of queues.
  • f_UTIL(traffic intensity,servers per queue). Average server utilization (1=100%)
  • f_TW(servers per queue, service time, lamda). Queue time based upon Erlang-C mathematics.

How to use this tool in real life is presented in our Forecasting Oracle Performance class and Craig's book of the same name.

Search Craig's blog for relevant posts at the link above.

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