Oracle Focused CPU Speed Test

• Honestly comparing CPU speeds in an Oracle environment •

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Ever wonder how your CPU speeds compare from one system to another... in an Oracle environment? And to be honest we must include the impact of the operating system, the Oracle release and all their related patches.

Most speed tests are done in the lab using well defined constraints. That means pretty much bupkis in your Oracle environment. What we need is an apples-to-apples comparison of the raw Oracle buffer processing speed. This is exactly what this tool empowers you to do.

This tool contains NO DML and will only burn a single CPU core/thread during the test. The impact is minimal. You set the number of test samples. Usually the test runs for a couple of minutes, but you have full control.

I have a blog posting related to this tool here and below you should see the video about how to install and use the tool.

An example of using this tool is shown in my Identifying High Risk SQL Before The Upgrade presentation. The powerpoint can be downloaded here and the video seminar can be watched here.

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