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Welcome to OraPub's BloodHound ASH reporting toolkit. This toolkit was designed with simplicity, flexibility and power in mind. You will quickly discover just how amazing this toolkit is!

BloodHound is a free ASH empowered Oracle database performance analysis toolkit. It references ASH-like data from a variety of sources and formats, reports using either a fixed date/time window or floating window, yet users only need a few reporting scripts. It also provides an adjustable time interval (e.g., 5 min) analysis, session level timeline and top anything tools. You can visualize ASH data at a point in time, including a RAC cluster perspective. It's powerful and it's FREE.

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Search Craig's blog for relevant posts at the link above.

Details, examples and the super, simple install are in the readme.txt file. The reporting scripts contain LOTS of examples at the top of the script.

The BloodHound menu is bhmenu.sql.

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