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This is my personal ASH cheat sheet. When I don't use BloodHound, I use my scratch pad.

The ASH Scratch Pad is build to enable rapid Oracle performance incident analysis based on ASH data. You simply modify the existing defines and perhaps the SQL, then simply copy and paste them into SQL*Plus.

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There are four scripts. Each script uses the same Oracle DEFINES. The common defines and common column formats are shown just a little below. The more script specific defines are show with each script. Obviously, if nothing has changed, then you do not need to reset the define.

  • Profile Anything. Get a summary of the situation at any level; instance, sql_id, session... anything in the source table. The CPU breakdown includes parsing and hard parsing related details.
  • Top Anything. Get the top and not so top anything by CPU or WAIT or either; sql_id, session, plan_hash_value, event... anything in the source table.
  • Timeline Most Anything. Get a sample by sample linear report for a specific session, module, sql_id... most anything.
  • Tick Report. Get a summary of the entire system grouped by X number of seconds. This is like a timeline report, but each line represents all the activity for X seconds.

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