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Really small print disclaimer: Any free OraPub tools come with absolutely no guarantee. If they crash and destroy your system (which they are not intended to do), it is solely your responsibility. Download, install, and use them at your own risk. OraPub, Inc. assumes absolutely no liability. I think you get our point!

OraPub System Monitor (OSM) Toolkit

The OSM is a complete set of Oracle database tuning tools based upon Time-Based Analysis and Unit of Work Time-Based Analysis. The OSM is SQLPlus based, non-graphic, and comes with absolutely no warranty. But, you will love it!

Last update: 17-January-2018 v16h

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BloodHound Toolkit

BloodHound is a free ASH empowered Oracle database performance analysis toolkit. It references ASH-like data from a variety of sources and formats, reports using either a fixed date/time window or floating window, yet users only need a few reporting scripts. It also provides an adjustable time interval (e.g., 5 min) analysis, session level timeline and top anything tools. You can visualize ASH data at a point in time, including a RAC cluster perspective. It's powerful and it's FREE.

Last update: 13-Jul-2017 v2d

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ASH Scatch Pad

This is my personal ASH cheat sheet. When I don't use BloodHound, I use my scratch pad. The ASH Scratchpad is build to enable rapid Oracle performance incident analysis based on ASH data. You simply modify the existing defines and perhaps the SQL, then simply copy and paste them into SQL*Plus. It's powerful and it's FREE.

Last update: 13-Sep-2018 v2g

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Oracle Focused CPU Speed Test

Ever wonder how your CPU speeds compare from one system to another... in an Oracle enviornment? And to be honest we must include the impact of the operating system, the Oracle release and all their related patches. This is exactly what this tool empowers you to do.

Last update: 25-Aug-2016 v3b

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DB Time Test Tool

Use this tool to help understand, analyze and measure DB Time's "gap" time. Gap time is the difference between DB Time and Oracle foreground process CPU consumption plus the non-idle wait time.

Last update: 5-Dec-2014 v1a

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Firefighting Diagnostic Toolkit (XLS)

Use this MS Excel-based template to methodically and quantitatively diagnose and troubleshoot Oracle database performance issues. The template encourages diagnosis using an Oracle database time-based analysis and OraPub's 3-Circle Analysis methods.

Last update: 21-Jan-2016 2h

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FullTime Tool

Oracle provides session wait time details, but there is nothing like this for CPU time, just db cpu or background cpu time. Craig designed this tool to help. For a single Oracle process, the tool collects and reports on both wait time and CPU time at the Oracle kernel function level.

Last update: 25-Apr-2017 v3h

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OP Load Generator

The OP Load Generator is a synthetic workload generator. It is very simple and allows one to purposefully stress various aspects of an Oracle server. You can modify it to fit your specific needs. It works with all Oracle releases.

Last update: 8-Dec-2015 v1d

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Oracle DB Library Cache Visualization Tool

If you want to visually and interactively explore Oracle's library cache memory structures, you are in for a fantastic surprise. Craig created this visually, interactive tool to help DBAs understand Oracle's library cache memory architecture, object relationships, and also to demonstrate how various performance hindering situations can arise. And, of course, how to resolve them!

Last update: 5-Jun-2008 v1c

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Exploring Buffer Cache Visualization

Visually and interactively explore Oracle's buffer cache structures - the buffer headers, least recently used lists, cache buffer chains and the write/dirty lists. Use this visually interactive tool to better understand Oracle's buffer cache memory architecture, their relationships and how various performance hindering situations can arise.

Last update: 12-Sep-2011 v6e

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Simple Linear Regression Analysis Template (xls)

This MS Excel-based tool allows one to perform simple regression analysis. The tool is complete with confidence level/intervals, residual analysis and graph support.

Last update: 9-Jul-2007 v2n

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OraPub Quick UOWTBA Web Application (online)

This online web application will create a response time curve, calculate the associated math based on a Unit Of Work Time-Based Analysis (UOWTBA), all based on data available from an Oracle AWR or Statspack report. There is also a cool link to that will create the response time graph!

Last update: v1.0a

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QxM/M/m Queuing Theory Analysis Spreadsheet (xls)

This tool allows one to perform QxM/M/m queuing theory analysis. Two cases are supported. Numerical, graphical and statistical data is incorporated to aid in analysis. This is a key tool for anyone making computing system or component requirement forecasts as well as general performance investigations.

Last update: May-2010 v3d

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Response Time Interactive Graphics (xls)

This MS Excel-based tool numerically displays and graphs the response time, utilization, and queue length as you move the slider bars. The slider bars control the three input parameters: 1) number of CPU cores, 2) service time, or 3) arrival rate (workload). This is an excellent learning tool and can also be used to demonstrate how various configurations will generally affect performance.

Last update: Sep-2009 v1b

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QxM/M/m Queuing Theory XLS Add-In (xls)

This MS Excel-based Add-In contains nine queuing theory related functions allowing one to perform QxM/M/m queuing theory analysis. These are the same industry standard formulas used in OraPub's QxM/M/m Queuing Theory Spreadsheet. We just separated the functions and made an Excel Add-In. This way you don't need to start with our spreadsheet. You can start with any spreadsheet!

Last update: Nov-2007 1a

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Animated Response Time Exploration Tool

Interactively explore how core response time parameters change the response time curve, or perhaps plot a response time curve based on real performance data. This is an animated tool that can be used to quickly grasp how response time parameters affect each other.

Last update: Jun-2010 v1d

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Response Time Comparison Graph (xls)

This tool makes it easy to both numerically and graphically compare three different performance situations in a response time focused manner. Each of the three cases allows input for the arrival rate (workload), service time, and number of CPU cores or effective IO devices. All three cases are displayed on a single response time chart.

Last update: Feb-2011 1h

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