Identifying High Risk SQL Before The Upgrade

• Because you need to identify the true risk •

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You are preparing for an Oracle database upgrade. The QAT environment has been meticulously created and the production workload painstakingly replicated. In comparing SQL run times in the QAT environment, a number of statements run slower and are considered "high risk."

However, differences between the two systems can cause run time differences. The result is SQL can be incorrectly flagged as high risk while other SQL is not being flagged but should be! The trick is creating an apples-to-apples QAT-to-Production comparison. This session will focus on how to factor in and remove the problem of CPU speed differences and workload intensity differences. Join us for a fascinating session about how to creatively identify true risk.

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Presentation Outline

  • Work and time - key to everything
  • Fundamental system comparison/profiling
  • Dealing with CPU speed differences
  • Dealing with work differences
  • Dealing with highly functional focused benchmarks

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