How To Start Blogging To Propel Your Career

• Don't waste a colossal amount of your time • Do it right •

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The decision to blog or not to blog is one of your most important career decisions. A successful blog will propel your career wherever you want it to go. An unsuccessful blog will become a colossal waste of your time. So if you're going to blog, it's important to do it right. But what is "right" for me, may not be "right" for you.

After mentoring people in this area, I discovered a kind of formula or process to help DBAs get started blogging in a way that meets their objectives. It is not as difficult as you might think, but if you just "wing it" you will likely become frustrated and disappointed with the results.

Join me as I lead you through this process, pointing out a number of "gotchas" and tips to make your blog become a living resume of your professional life.

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Presentation Outline

  • Making the best decision: go/no-go
  • Getting started
  • What to write about
  • Tuning your blog

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