Machine Learning Can Be A Complex Venture

"Unless you have a Data Scientist or related background, learning and/or understanding Machine Learning can be a complex  venture. Fortunately for those of us with an Oracle background, Craig has designed a course that makes it both appealing and comprehensible in such a way that it makes for a fascinating learning experience...

Machine Learning Is A Must-Have Skill

"As an Oracle database professional, it is my opinion that ML is a must-have skill to add to our arsenal, simply because the volume of systems and performance data that we must analyze is ever-growing, and we simply can’t scale to meet this demand unless we use creative thinking and available algorithms that allow us to be ahead of the game, rather than playing catch up...

This Course Will Not Disappoint

"If you’re interested in Machine Learning, have dealt with solving Oracle performance issues, and are looking to evolve your career, this course will not disappoint. I strongly recommend it." 


Lennin A. Tabora

Principal Performance Engineer

Salesforce, Inc.


Why should I attend this class?

  • Our world is unique... so is this class

    Oracle related datasets are relatively small and very challenging. We face this head-on focusing on important and advanced areas of ML that are commonly overlooked and ignored.

  • Do advanced Oracle predictive analysis

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