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Craig is an awesome instructor/mentor and has in-depth knowledge of Oracle Database performance tuning and DBA machine learning. The classes are well organized with lessons and demos. Questions are encouraged. What more do you want?!

  • Gunjan Sahay, Senior Technology OfficerCalgary, Canada


Learn how to do any single-instance AWR Report analysis setup in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed. No more flipping through an entire AWR report top-to-bottom desperately searching for answers! Learn how Oracle collects CPU consumption and wait time. Then, you will know what to do, do it fast, and be able to explain the situation with 100% clarity and confidence.

Tuning Oracle Using Advanced ASH Strategies


There is a better way to solve your most difficult Oracle performance problems. You will learn how to identify the key SQL in 30 minutes, or less, guaranteed. Some performance issues are literally impossible to solve using an AWR Report or Oracle's time model. You will see the huge benefits for changing your mindset from time-based to sample-based. Learn the correct way to use ASH and see your career soar!

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