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"OraPub has added great value to my Oracle repertoire. I have no regrets subscribing to OraPub and see that as a huge investment in my career that pays high dividends. Craig, the instructor, is very approachable and continues to deliver valuable content."

Tuning Oracle Using An AWR Report


No more flipping through an entire AWR report top-to-bottom desperately searching for answers! We teach you how to make Oracle database systems fast using an AWR or Statspack report. You will know what to do, do it fast, and be able to explain the situation with 100% clarity and confidence.

Machine Learning for Oracle Professionals Performance Engineering 2


The future of Oracle performance is now before us. By combining our Oracle skills with machine learning, we can analyze performance in ways never before possible. Learn to use ML algorithms to detect performance anomalies, things you've never seen before. Classify performance situations, those things you recognize, and speed up your analysis. And, more! Step into your future and do the impossible now!

Tuning Oracle Using ASH Strategies


There is a better way to solve your most difficult Oracle performance problems. Some performance issues are literally impossible to solve using an AWR Report or Oracle's time model. ASH comes to the rescue! Don't use this tool the wrong way. Learn the correct way to use ASH and see your career soar!

Core Truths for Oracle Professionals
Performance Engineering 1


Every performance challenge we face rests on a few foundational truths. We should have been taught these core truth axioms when we began our performance analysis and engineering careers. They are vital!

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