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  I watch Craig’s videos and they help me out tremendously. OraPub is the ONLY place I go to for performance measurement and diagnosing slowness.
Thomas Hines, Lead Database Administrator, ESPN

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Are you stuck trying to solve an Oracle database performance issue? If you are an Oracle DBA who needs to solve your company's toughest Oracle database problems, never be stuck again. We have the most up-to-date modern approaches, so you can save time and money. Become a member and take advantage of all the resources we have developed through years of experience. No matter what the version of Oracle you have, you can be the Oracle DBA hero. Be an OraPub member today!

Feature Details

If you have questions about our memberships, please contact us.

ORAPUB'S HIGH PERFORMANCE DB GUARANTEE - If you complete at least two learning paths and do not see a 50% increase in the speed of your Oracle database, just let us know and we will refund your membership fee.

UNLIMITED LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES means as a PRIME member you can register for any OraPub LVC for free! Need a refresher in a few months? No problem. With an OraPub PRIME membership you can take as many classes as you would like.

MONTHLY CONSULTING CALL by Craig Shallahamer directly with you. This is a special feature only for OraPub PRIME members. This is a $3,600 value automatically included in your annual PRIME membership. It is worth the price right there!

MEMBERS ONLY FORUM is just that. Only members may enter the forum using the Slack application. You will have the power of a small community of colleagues for brain storming and asking questions when you need it most. Available 24/7 depending on who is awake in your time zone. Craig will also be a member of this group.

HOW-TO WEBINARS, taught by Craig Shallahamer, include participation in all live webinars plus full 24/7 access to our complete recorded webinar library. You can re-watch the webinars as many times as you wish.

LEARNING PATHS give you the order of classes to take based on your personal career objectives. A great planning tool!

VIDEO LEARNING includes full 24/7 access to our entire library of online video seminars, taught by Craig Shallahamer. We produce about one new seminar each month. Seminars can be viewed on virtually any device. There is no viewing limitation. You can watch seminars as many times as you wish.

MENTORING is the heart of OraPub's mission. As a member, Craig spends time with you developing a career plan and working with you as you progress. Craig will also help you connect with people and events so you can fast-track towards your goal.

PRIORITY RESPONSE means you are at the top of Craig's inbox. It's pretty simple actually. Craig receives a ton of questions from Oracle DBAs all over the world. As an OraPub member, you will bubble to the top of his To Do list. If you want to be involved with Craig's performance research, this will put you on the "short list." (Just so you know, this is not free consulting or any kind of Oracle support.)

RESOURCES includes full download access to all tools and conference presentations the moment they are posted. Pre-release tools and research is also included as well as StoriFree. (Please note: Consulting, Books & Stori are not included unless you purchase consulting time or product.)

MASTERING THE MATERIAL is a hands-on self-paced "how-to" email series that some of our online video seminars include. The email series reinforces the seminar material as you progress through the series one step at a time at your own pace. You are encouraged to email questions and share your work with Craig.

LIVE VIRTUAL CLASS (LVC) DISCOUNTS are available to all members. You will receive up to 20% off of all our LVCs we offer. Just ask us for your discount codes when you register for any LVC. (Only PRIME members receive these for free.)

SKILLS ASSESSMENT proves you really know the material. Tests can be taken multiple times until you get it right. A great resource for managers as well.

CERTIFICATION of completion is provided for each online video learning seminar. You can download a personalized certificate providing you, and anyone else, proof of your knowledge and expertise.

CANCEL AT ANY TIME. Just email us and we will cancel your membership. Give us five business days to process the cancellation. That's it!

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