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We Do One Thing Really Well

We optimize Oracle database systems, period. If your application is associated with an Oracle database, OraPub can help you ensure it always runs fast.

You will receive relief, reassurance and confidence. Craig will give you a deeper understanding of what is going on. And, what he fixes stays fixed! You know it’s going to be OK with Craig on your side working with you to solve your toughest Oracle DB performance problems.

Unlike Any Other Company

No other company on this planet can provide both performance firefighting, monitoring and predictive analysis for Oracle systems like OraPub. Why? Because OraPub's founder and Oracle ACE Director, Craig Shallahamer, literally wrote the books on these subjects, like Oracle Performance Firefighting and Forecasting Oracle Performance.

High Performance DB Guarantee

Do you know any consulting company that offers a money back guarantee? We didn’t think so. As a consultant, Craig is so sure he can help you with any Oracle performance problem that he will give you your money back if he can’t diagnose it. How is that for risk free consulting?

Real Solutions That Just Make Sense

We all know that real solutions are bigger than one person. That's why OraPub teams with selected senior experts in all things Oracle: hardware, operating systems, IO subsystems, networking, database tuning and optimization, security and applications like PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Oracle EBS and Banner, just to name a few.

We Promise You Will Have:

  • No long term contracts
  • No manipulations to trick you into buying more stuff
  • No solutions that make performance slower
  • No unnecessary DB recycles or restarts
  • No solutions by robots
  • No confusion
  • No insulting of your intelligence
  • No threatening of your job security
  • No embarrassment

We Have You Covered

Flexibility is important because every environment is different. We will listen and offer you an honest and sensible solution. Here are some of the ways the biggest companies in the world have engaged us:

  • Advisory services
  • Architecture solutions
  • Performance assurance
  • Periodic health checks
  • On-call "get on the plane" firefighting
  • 24x7 focused assistance
  • Performance tuning

Contact us today and let us help you be the Oracle DB hero.

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