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We have the perfect books for all Oracle DBAs. These books have passed the test of time. They are relevant no matter what version of Oracle you have because they are classics.

Oracle Performance Firefighting - Print version

$44.95 plus shipping

This book is aimed at helping you to confidently and effectively operate in intense performance firefighting situations. Craig gives you a unique combination of systematic methods. You will gain confidence in perfecting your diagnosis. You will receive deep Oracle internals knowledge. You will learn the ability to communicate the complex in simple terms. The focus is squarely put on developing expert DBA characteristics and skills in you and your work.

Oracle Performance Firefighting - PDF version


For the PDF version -- The PDF may be readable on various devices, but it is only officially supported using Adobe Acrobat Reader. It looks amazing on iPads. The PDF file is not password protected, but it is encrypted. The PDF file can be searched! Each page contains a watermark made up of order related details. The PDF cannot be printed. If you want a printed version of the book, this obviously can be ordered.

Forecasting Oracle Performance - Print version

$39.95 plus shipping

What makes seasoned IT professionals run for cover? Answer: Forecasting Oracle performance! Craig Shallahamer is an Oracle performance expert with over 20 years of experience. His book is the first to focus, not on the problem of solving today's problem, but squarely on the problem of forecasting the future performance of an Oracle database. Other Oracle performance books are good for putting out fires. Craig's book helps you avoid all the heat in the first place.

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