What is the Big Question?

Take a look and see the importance of knowing what the Big Question is. Then go for it!

The video seminars are awesome. Prior to OraPub I had no idea what ASH was. Now I use it all the time for identifying bottlenecks. Helping members with Oracle issues on the member Slack forum is a great opportunity to geek out, too.

Kaley Crum

Oracle DBA, ABC Financial Services

Azhar Mahmood

Senior Database Specialist, Tabadul

Craig's teachings are exceptional, and he explains complex topics in a simple way. The tools he develops are top notch, and I had a very good success rate tuning the production databases using his tools. If you are serious about database tuning, you should definitely look into an OraPub membership.

Bhavani Dhulipalla

Senior Oracle DBA, Appridat, Inc.


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The Time Is Now

Users complaining, too much down time, the database takes

too long to find a customer... These are all symptoms of an

Oracle database that is not tuned correctly.
It's time for that to end!

  • Make & Keep Your Users Happy

    You will know what to do and reach a resolution quickly when users complain.

  • Less Down Time 

    When you know how to fix something quickly, down time is short and sweet.

  • Know The Road Map

    Craig shows you specific steps to take with any tuning project.

  • 100% Clarity & Confidence

    No more guessing or using Google to search for answers (that may or may not be tested!)

  • Learn Why & How

    Knowing how Oracle works make you that much better in solving complex database problems.

  • Be A DBA Hero

    Not everyone has what it takes, but you do. Go for it!

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